Tai Lopez Net Worth

3Tai Lopez is a catchword in google. Type in his names, and you will come across a host of suggestions related to his name. Tai Lopez net worth, among them, is most noteworthy. How did Tai Lopez become a millionaire?

That question does not have a single answer. But his recent rise to online stardom teaches us something about his entrepreneurial skills. And it leads us to several lessons.

The first lesson: Lopez kept abreast with the changing order. He sensed that social media will play a pivotal role in human life as far back in 2001 when facebook was not much known. He stepped into facebook and was quite familiar with the platform by 2008. He was among the few who used the platform for paid marketing.

How did he see the potential of facebook? Lopez identifies four core characteristics that anyone should possess in order to become a successful entrepreneur. Together it is known as VRIN: value, rare, inimitable and non-substitutable. If you are surprised about the colossal figure of Tai Lopez net worth, it should be much owing to VRIN applied to in his own life. The most classic example is the video posted on YouTube featuring himself in his own garage with a Lamborghini.

A guy posing for a video from his own garage and his own vehicle – a luxury one at that – was very telling for the online audience. It was a rare experience, hence a trendsetter. Many videos followed up, though not in the similar way.

The video speaks a lot about Tai Lopez net worth. A guy talking with his Lamborghini in the backdrop is well positioned to give a convincing message. He has earned himself a position as someone worth listening to and following.

If an entrepreneur is looking towards success, social media should not be overlooked, Tai Lopez net worth believes. He has a large following in mainstream social media such as facebook, YouTube and Instagram. He has a soft corner for YouTube, as it shot him to stardom. YouTube is an instrumental tool because you can formulate your own visual interpretation.

The formative years in Tai Lopez’s life was not smooth. Raised by a single mother (with father in prison), Lopez trod a long, winding, difficult path. He initiated his tough journey with only $47 in possession. What brought him to the echelons of a millionaire is his own formula, VRIN.

As a financial guru to millions of businessmen and entrepreneurs, he emphasizes the importance of sticking to VRIN. An entrepreneur is someone who can never be imitated. An entrepreneur’s worth remains as long as he is inimitable and non-substitutable. How can one achieve that end?

The Lopez solution is simple, yet compelling. Your story could be simple, but give it a rare outlook. When people listen to your story, they should feel rarity in it. That’s where your future as a successful entrepreneur rests.

Whenever you come with a new concept, try to weigh the options; cross check whether you have a good scoring point of VRIN.

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